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Swimmers and parents are wondering how COVID-19 will impact the college recruiting process?  


College swim coaches give advice to swimmers about recruiting in general and how to handle these uncertain times.

“I recommend just taking a breath and encouraging kids to keep in touch and request conversations with coaches and programs that they are interested in pursuing. Things will be delayed but that is going to really depend on each program which is why kids should reach out to schools they are interested in to understand each program’s process as they are all slightly different.”

James Holder, Head Swim Coach-Dartmouth College 

In the meantime, there are things that parents and swimmers can be doing to be prepared when recruiting activities pick up again:

Join the College Swimming Guide free mailing list

Familiarize yourselves with NCAA Recruiting Terms

Learn when coaches can contact swimmers

Download the checklist to find the right fit to swim in college

Determine which questions to ask coaches

Find out what coaches are looking for

Understand when to begin the research to swim in college


If you’d like to dig in deeper, join the College Swimming Guide Fast Lane


Signing up for the College Swimming Guide mailing list is the first step. By reading the blogs and watching the videos, you are becoming familiar with recruiting terms and the steps to take.

Want to Swim in College?  Fast Lane guides you through the entire process by letting you know what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

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For those of you who would like to dive in deeper to help your swimmer realize their dream of swimming in college by developing a strong, realistic list of target schools and guiding them as they reach out to college swim coaches, the College Swimming Guide Fast Lane Membership is for you.

A Fast Lane membership will guide you through the entire process by letting you know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Fast Lane Membership benefits include:

  • Action Items at the Beginning of Each Month
  • Conference Championship Meet Times (spreadsheets)
  • Individual College Top Event Times (spreadsheets)
  • Email Templates for Contacting Coaches
  • Lists of Questions to Ask Coaches
  • College Swimming Guide Fast Lane Community (a space to interact with other swim parents)
  • Access to my expertise through the private community, live chats and the ability to purchase private consultations if desired.

There’s no reason to delay – a one-time fee of $249 puts you in the Fast Lane

for your swimmer’s entire high school career

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