CLASS OF 2024 JUNE 2022

It is hard to believe your swimmer is done with school and is a rising junior. The rumors about junior year are mostly true – it is very intense in terms of academics and recruiting!

The best bet is to stay organized and complete some of the research over the summer when school is not in session.

Summer is a good time to take as many college tours and unofficial visits as you can fit into your budget and your schedule. I felt like we learned just as much about what my sons didn’t like as what they did like when touring schools. Be prepared with questions for admissions officers as well as for swim coaches and student tour guides. It is also a good idea to dress nicely, although you still want to be comfortable. Nice khaki shorts and a polo shirt for guys and capris or a sundress for girls are perfectly appropriate.

A common question is “how many schools should I be considering at this point?” I believe in casting a wide net as so much can still change – academic interests, grades, swim times and so on. There should be at least 20 schools on your swimmer’s list and more is fine.

This is also a good time to research swim programs and figure out which ones are a good fit for your swimmer. Look at the spreadsheets on the College Swimming Guide website to see where your swimmer fits in his top events.

Division I coaches are allowed to begin calling rising juniors on June 15th before junior year. Coaches in other divisions can also call swimmers now. If your child’s phone is not ringing, don’t get discouraged. Some coaches don’t call right away and others are on vacation. Swimmers may be anxious about the first few phone calls so it’s a good idea to role play with some questions.

Swimmers should definitely reach out to coaches this summer and introduce themselves. Scheduling visits also depends upon the division and Division I coaches are allowed to offer official visits after August 1st of a swimmer’s junior year, although a lot of them are still waiting to schedule visits for senior year. Unofficial visits can be taken at any time although Division 1 coaches can’t speak to swimmers on campus until June 15th before junior year so keep that in mind when scheduling tours and visits.

Summer is a good time to talk to college swimmers and ask about their program, things to look for, and any advice they want to share. One question to ask them is what they would have done differently during the recruiting process.  Most college swimmers are pretty excited about their program and happy to share information.

Some students take the SAT at the end of sophomore year or very beginning of junior year to assess the areas where they need to focus. The SAT offers an August test date which is a great time to take it without the distraction of school. Be sure to register by the following dates to avoid a late fee:

SAT August 24 – register by August 9

ACT July 13 – register by June 7

ACT September 14 – register by August 9

Send the test scores to the NCAA (code 9999) or NAIA (code 9876) Eligibility Clearinghouse.

Coming up in July and August:

  • Continue email conversations with coaches if a relationship has been established
  • Send introductory emails to coaches at swim programs which are a good fit
  • Continue to research schools and swim programs
  • ACT and/or SAT review
  • Plan college tours over summer break

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